Why Shop at Thonglor Pet Shop


Buying supplies for your four legs buddy can be quite confusing sometimes. Would my dog eat this? Would this product be good for kitten? or What should I even consider for my new puppy?

Let us help you. Consult with our pet product experts with experience in the field for over 7 years. Talk with us and we’ll find help you find the best solution for your pet and you.

Select through a collection of specialty product with quality guaranteed by us 🙂 We make sure every products we sold are authentic and always fresh (First-in-First-out) stock management system certified by ISO9001:2015 – you can be sure that your dog food and cat’s snack are kept in clean, dry, and temperature controlled environment (25°c – 27°C).

Thonglor Pet Shop are also available in 15 of our offline stores near your house so that you can pick-up your late night snacks or have a same-day delivery to your home. Also, if you buy 12 cans of pet food and your puppy decide it doesn’t like them – return the rest of unopened cans to us within 14 Days or exchange for a new brand.

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